From the recording Lost In The Dark


Sunday morning nine am
I’m ready for the game
The Cowboys, ten and three
Against the Jaguars, five and eight
Last week we’d almost lost
I hoped today was not the same
I did my pregame checklist quickly
So I would not be late

First things first
I got my coffee in my Cowboys mug
Then I put the Cowboys flag up right away
Then came the hardest part
Which jersey was the right one?
I finally went with Elliott
So Zeke would have a real big day

I almost forgot to put on my lucky Cowboys socks
Did I expect a win
Without their logo on my feet?
I pulled them on
And I thought “We are invincible”
Jacksonville will go down in defeat

The first quarter was predictable
The Cowboys took the lead
On a solid running game built on dexterity and speed
The passing game took over and we added fourteen more
So, when halftime came
Twenty one to seven was the score

So I pulled up my lucky Cowboys socks
And I refilled my coffee in my Cowboys mug
I looked outside and said “The flag looks nice with all this snow!”
This one’s in the bag
Only two quarters to go

I should have kept my mouth shut
Cause things started going wrong
The Jaguars offense came alive
Our defense didn’t seem as strong
I changed my jersey twice and I yelled at my TV
What more could I do to preserve this victory?
Then the game was tied and we went into OT

The Cowboys defense stopped them first
I waved my pennant high
Then the Cowboys took the ball
And Dak just let her fly
Just past midfield here we go
We’ve got em by the throat
Then the Jaguars intercepted
And that was all she wrote

So I sat there in my stupid Cowboys socks
Did I think that just the logo on my feet would make them win?
And next week the Cowboys and the Eagles have a real important dance
I guess I need to buy some Cowboys pants.
The other teams won’t have a chance
Yeah, I guess I need to buy some Cowboys pants