1. Crows

From the recording Lost In The Dark


I sit outside and marvel at creation
And our wild and wondrous neighbors, big and small
How they compete and connive
Every day to survive
Here in this world
Where the raging waters rush and the cold wind blows
And though I’ve gained a new respect for all the creatures that surround us
It seems to me that lots of folks
Don’t care too much for crows

First of all their plumage
Is just as fancy as a goldfinch
They are majestic as an eagle or a hawk
But they don’t sound like sparrows
We always wish they’d stop their cawing
Until we learn that they communicate
And that’s the way they talk
And since they don’t sing sweet like other birds
You might assume that they are dumb
But I’ve learned that when we’re singing
They’ll sit up in the trees and drum

You may not know that they’re intelligent
They’re dedicated, loyal
Generous - it’s true
I guess that you could say
That they’re an awful lot like me and you
And they look out for each other
When one dies
I’ve heard their brothers cry
But lots of people really don’t like crows and I wonder why

I really think they are a victim of a cruel dichotomy
And learning about them has helped me learn a lot about you and me
And here in my small town it really breaks my heart to find
People who are keen to bring back rules and attitude
We thought we’d left behind

Oh they really are intelligent
They’re dedicated, loyal
Generous - It’s true
In all the ways that count
Well they are just the same as me and you
And they look out for one another
That’s a trait that lots of birds and people lack
You know, crows are really quite amazing creatures
That is just a fact

When you take some time to know them
You might change your mind, it’s true
Because crows are really great
Just like me and you