From the recording More Songs About My Cats


The King of Rock and Roll
Music and Lyrics by David Prince

It was tough at seventeen
I think you know what I mean
My mom and dad thought I was circling the drain
I was fluent in poor choices
Adept at aggravation
And each of their attempts at intervention were in vain
More than once they tried to sit me down
To talk about my future
To put me on the straight and narrow
While my choices still remained

My mom said I should be an architect
And my dad said engineer
And even though they didn't like it much
It seemed to me, my path was always clear
I know they worried bout my soul
But I was gonna be the king of rock and roll
I told them it was my life
That’s how it was gonna be

Married the girl of my dreams
Then we discovered two and one makes three
I realized that I would need a steady day job
To feed my little family
One choice leads to another
And we keep our dreams at bay
It’s funny how we all plan to live our lives
Then life gets in the way
I guess there’s a change in our perspective
We re-evaluate our schemes
And what some might call a fall-back
Isn’t always what it seems

I got a new job teaching music
But what I couldn’t see
Was that no matter what I taught those kids
The one who learned the most was me
And you could say it made me whole
But I never was the king of rock and roll
And it was my life
And how it was gonna to be

My parents dreamed about my future
But none of us could see
That in the end, instead of choosing A or B
Well who’d have guessed that I’d choose Z?
We didn’t need to worry ‘bout my soul
And I never was the king of rock and roll
But this is my life
And how it was meant to be